The Planetary Influences in Human Design

  • Sun – The expressed you or the outer you and how your light shines out into the world. (Sun & Earth together are approx. 70% of who you are)
  • Earth – What grounds the sun’s light in your design
  • Moon – What drives you
  • North Node (destiny) – Your life path trajectory (after age 40)
  • South Node (karma) – Your life path trajectory (before age 40)
  • Mercury – What you’re here to communicate
  • Venus – What you value and your relationships
  • Mars – What you must mature through
  • Jupiter – Your reward for learning Saturn’s lessons
  • Saturn – The great teacher – learn the lesson or it’s bound to show up again
  • Uranus – What is unique about you (and the people born around the same time as you)
  • Neptune – Your Spiritual “Job” (also the same as others born around the same time)
  • Pluto – Expansion and Truth and Transformation over your lifetime. (the contribution of your generation uniquely expressed through you)