MERCURY – What Must Be Communicated

Mercury activations in your Human Design chart point to essential concepts needing expression. What we need to communicate creates a pressure within us. We are after all communicative creatures. Each of us has something very special to communicate to the other and you find that where your Mercuries are.

Geographically, Mercury is closest to the sun and thus metaphorically has its ear. Mercury is god of the mental plane and as such is the ‘creator’ of the Maya. In HD, Mercury has a unique role in programming the Personality Crystal from the time it enters into the body until birth. Mercury has a revolution around the sun of 88 days and thus has a direct correlation with the 88 day period during which the personality crystal is programmed.

When the unconscious Mercury is defined and has access to the throat, one begins to notice that surprising concepts get stated. This is often the ‘channeled voice or whispering angel’. This can cause the discomfort of making profound statements without knowing their source. It can be interpreted as either, ‘Why did I say that?’ (one way in which the unconscious can communicate and stimulate the conscious) or ‘Who said that through me?’

When the activation is in an undefined center and is not connected to the throat, it is only through others that the seed of their expression will come out. This is someone who will always walk away from a conversation knowing there was something that they wanted to say, but didn’t, and not know what it was.