EARTH – Grounding & Stability

Human Design begins with basic duality of the Sun/Earth. They can’t be separated. Many attributes given to the moon and Venus in astrology actually belong to the earth in the Human Design System. The earth represents the archetype of the Mother.

The Earth is where we find our grounding and is our gravitational home. The energy of the sun has to be translated by the earth. It is in our bodies that the neutrino stream is grounded.

The Sun/Earth relationship is like the relationship between energy and matter. Just as the plants on earth convert the sunlight into chlorophyll, so we humans ground the solar energies through our lives. The more grounded we are, the clearer our light will shine.

The Earth is about finding balance. Regardless of the stormy seas of life, if we maintain our balance, we will get through. Conscious balance is about finding an integrative path for the Personality. At the unconscious level, it is through the earth that we come to grips with the world of form. Being the Mother, the earth is the backbone of our stability.

The Earth and Saturn have a connection with each other. They are both deeply concerned about the material plane. Not just economics, money, material in that sense. It is about the physical plane of the life itself as well.