NEPTUNE: Illusion & Spirituality

Neptune places a veil over the future. It both fires our imagination to try and pierce that veil and also demands we surrender to the greater mystery. When we do not, it can bring great confusion and delusion to our lives.

Neptune makes us wonder ‘why’ and then, if we cannot let go of trying to answer the why, we get lost in the illusions and murkiness of those depths. Neptune colors the gates it touches with this feminine power of the sea.

Neptune veils. The seven veils. Neptune loves to bring you to good whiskey and sweet drugs. Anything to try to get through that veil. Anything to try to get through that veil. Anything to try to find what’s there. You will never find out. Neptune won’t let you in.

The minute you have a problem with that, you have a problem. It is just what it is. The mystery of Neptune is not here to be solved. It is here to be experienced with wonder. Neptune is the only truly magical force you meet all the time. When you see Neptune in your chart and you see what it is veiling, that’s where your mysteries are. That’s where your magic is. Be yourself and the mysteries are revealed, specifically in those places.

If you have Neptune conjunct a planet, if it is standing beside something in a gate, it is also veiling that other object.

Because it takes 165 years to go around the wheel, we never get to experience the full potential of Neptune’s programming. It can occupy a single gate for up to 3 years and has a generational influence.

Design Neptune is a direct inheritance from the grandmothers. It is known that we have more in common with our grandparents than with our parents. Neptune represents the continuity and depths of the genetic pool.