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The Magic of Incarnation Crosses – Semester 2

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Quarter of Civilization Crosses by Gate

This Semester our Study Group will explore Incarnation Crosses and how they support understanding of Human Design by looking at the progression of the Gates through the Mandala and how the Incarnation Crosses express the ever-developing frequency of the Maia.

By looking at the polarities of the Sun & Earth (along with the harmonic gates) a rich and layered understanding can emerge.

Some questions we’ll explore:

•    What impact does the Quarter have on an Incarnation Cross?
•     What does it mean to be in the Foundation or Application half of the Quarter?
•    How does Profile impact the meaning of an Incarnation Cross?
•     What is the Godhead and how does it affect a Cross?
•    What is each Cross’s larger purpose within the totality?
•    And, what does each Cross mean to an individual?

Your Incarnation Cross can be thought of as a broad purpose in life, made more specific by your Type and Profile, and further refined by the rest of the Channel and Gate energies you carry.

The more you follow your strategy and authority, the better your costume (profile) fits, the more correct your role is and the more likely you’ll follow your unique pathway to fulfill your purpose.

The IHDS Study Group facilitated by Ruth Brennan isn’t a substitute for PTL III and is a General & Continuing Educational Course open to everyone

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No Prerequisites:
Human Design Foundation Reading, LYD Workshop
Recommended Materials: The Definitive Book of Human Design

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