The Sun: How Your Light Shines into the World

70% of the Neutrino Stream

The Sun represents the primary Yang force of our nature. It’s the archetype of the father. We can’t separate the sun from the earth. They are the prime yin/yang within us. The sun creates the electromagnetic field of the solar cell in which we live.

The design sun (red in your chart) represents the biogenetic themes inherited from the father. The personality sun (black in your chart) is the window through which the very light of who we are shines out on the world. Whenever you see the sun, either conscious or unconscious, in an undefined center, it is as though a person’s light is locked up in a room with all the shutters closed. They can’t find consistent access to 70% of who they are. They are dependent on others and on planetary conditioning to define the center. Thus the seduction of the harmonic gate is huge because that person hooks them up to their inner light.