URANUS: Chaos & Order

Uranus is strange. It rotates backwards, like Venus, the only two planets rotating on their own axis backwards. There was a cataclysmic event 2.5 billion years ago…probably the thing that pushed Pluto and Chiron out where it is…also created most of the moons of Uranus. Uranus was hit by something so hard that it was knocked on its axis. It was totally knocked on its side. Because of that, Uranus has a magnetic field that whips, in big loops, all the way around the solar system.

If you could see Uranus magnetic field as light, you would never see another star in the sky. It’s all around us.

Only out of darkness comes light. It’s the whole secret of form. It is the nature of the Big Bang. Light emerges out of darkness in us. The moment that our form is correct, the light is there. Every time you meet an obstacle is your opportunity for light. Every time there’s something that gets in the way of your expectation, there’s an opportunity for light.

In the Human Design chart, Uranus will focus attraction to chaos upon the theme of a particular gate. It always brings a quality of unusualness to its gates in design. Uranus’ dance with chaos lasts until the midlife point (the breathing-in of prana) after which the chaos is brought to order (the breathing-out of prana). The creation of form out of chaos is the Uranian medium. Uranus needs chaos as its muse. It will distance itself from the rules, it will see itself above all rules. This is not to be confused with rebellion. It is in fact Uranus who sees Saturn as both rebel and a boring slave to order.

Of all the planets, none is closer in spirit in our nature and process than Uranus. Since Uranus was discovered in 1781, the quality of life on this planet for our species has improved at an astonishing rate. The Uranian cycle of 84 years has become a universally attainable life span. With the discovery of Uranus, humanity transformed from millennia of seven chakra format into a nine-centered Rave. Humanity as a whole has not yet adapted to this new cycle. Evolution takes time. The flowering of mankind will come in hundreds of years with the arrival of the Aquarian Age.

Where you see Uranus in your chart is where the light can emerge in you. You can be clear about that. No matter how intellectually competent you are in being able to grasp all of this, there is no way that any mind can compensate, control and work with the program. You can only do that mechanically.

Where you see Uranus in your chart doesn’t mean you can pull the light out. You can only be yourself and you can wait for it to emerge. You have to have the experience.