Moon – What Drives & Moves Us

It takes the Moon 29.5 days to go around the mandala. During that time it activates every gate and line in the wheel and it does that 14 times a year. It stays in a gate for half a day. Every two hours the Moon is shifting a line.

The Moon drives us all. It is the great driver. It is the great force that pushes us. It provides us over and over again with the opportunity of illumination. It is always moving from darkness to light. It is always taking us through a complete cycle. That cycle is so profound that most of the calendars of the ancient world were lunar instead of solar.
If you want to see what is driving you, pushing you, look to see where the Moons are in your chart. The Moon is pushing you toward illumination. You are not a helpless victim. Look at your Moon in your chart and see where your illumination is and what it is all about.The Moon creates the gravity field on our planet so we can stand up and so that plants can grow upwards. It pulls the tides of the oceans and affects the rhythms of our life. It has a magnetic pull upon the earth. In the mystical sense, we all have a lunar body, for our geometry is conditioned by the Nodes of the Moon.The Moon conditions the sleeping human and the rest of life on this planet. It is our deepest connection to the totality. It is truly what moves us. Its influence extends far beyond its impact on any gate. It is the Eldest Daughter who carries a responsibility to both Mother/Earth and Father/Sun. The moon is able to take the place of the Father as a source of illumination and makes possible the task of the Mother to drive and move the form, thus ensuring evolution