Living Your Design Workshop

A Transformational Journey

Are You Ready to Take the First Step in Living Your Design?

Classes are available for registration every other month, if you’d like more information, please send me an email for details.

Deep inside each of us is a knowledge that can guide our dreams. It holds the secret of who we can grow to become and allows our highest purpose to unfold before us. This knowing is sacred to our individual genetic blueprint.

So, do you look to the outer world to nourish you? Rather than looking to the outer world for your answers, will you pull from the core of your true potential and permeate your being-ness into the world.

Will you be who you are and say to the world, “This is who I am.”

There are always fears and challenges to be found if we search for them.  Instead, try waking up to each and every moment, grounded in the knowledge that you’re living from the inside out.

By honoring your Human Design, life celebrates your arrival.

The Living Your Design Workshop is a transformational journey that can change your life. Open to anyone, this workshop teaches the most important foundational and transformational aspects of Human Design.

The Human Design System empowers us to live according to our own true nature, and to know what is correct or not for us. We can use this information to keep ourselves on our path in life by specifically understanding what takes us off track.

The information in the Living Your Design Course leads you down an incredible path of self-discovery and knowledge. Once you have had a reading it can be of tremendous benefit to deepen your understanding of your own specific Strategy and Authority and the conditioning you have experienced. It can assist you with your own personal experimentation as well as clarify what it means for you to Live Your Design.

Discover a New Kind of Awakening with Human Design:

  • What Human Design is & Why to Experiment
  • The 9 Centers, How they Function and signposts of Alignment or not
  • The Aura Types, Strategies and Inter-Type interaction
  • How Authority is activated and can be followed in decision-making
  • Essential principles you need to know in order to successfully experiment with your Human Design Strategy and Authority in decision-making are covered in depth. Completion of this program qualifies you to take the next foundation courses in Human Design if you want to become a Professional.

Plus Study Group Sessions to be determined by the Class.


Class 1 – Introduction & Pressure Centers

Class 2 – Awareness Centers

Class 3 – Motors

Class 4 – G & Throat

Class 5 – Definitions & Your Not-Self Purpose

Class 6 – Authorities

Class 7 – Energy Types

Class 8 – Non-Energy Types


No class scheduled at this time.

Please check back.

The Human Design General Education Track

3 Semesters of Training that create the Foundational Human Design Knowledge.

Living Your Design

The Living Your Design Workshop is a transformational journey into the truth of who you were born to be.  It can be life-changing.

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Rave ABCs

The Rave ABC’s educates and inspires you to further understand how your own Human Design (and the designs of others) operate.

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Rave Cartography

Rave Cartography offers you a deeper understanding of yourself, others and the world around you by adding additional information to your toolbox.

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Private Classes & Individual Mentoring

If you prefer, private classes and individual mentoring is available by request, please feel free to contact me.