Will you be true to yourself?

We're transiting Gate 26 from Dec 8 - 13

This transit brings potential for an energy of great power and determination when unleashed.

While those around you may demonstrate their power by exercising their will in a show of strength, you may discover there is a great peace and strength to be found in silence – the very powerful pause.

Because, your vital force is not wanting but … waiting. Waiting to fully express itself.

And, all that’s learned from patience and non-action will be ready to get creatively expressed when correct timing presents itself. When the time is right you can step into your power.

This alignment allows what you say and what you do to be amplified as your inner truth radiates outward with the greatest power – a power that doesn’t need to be forceful or demonstrated but just ‘is.’

The biological correlation is the Thymus Gland. The Thymus gland designs your immune system. T-Cells mature inside of this gland and are released – like little warriors – when they’re ready to go to work protecting you.

The energetic theme of this transit is about supporting those who are in your ‘tribe.’ And, the grounding force is about educating yourself and others to come together in more efficient ways that can benefit everyone.

When you patiently use your great power, it allows all to come together as authentically individuated individuals, all speaking and expressing inner truth. Imagine how peaceful, beautiful and powerful that can be.

Can you hold on to your unique expression while blending in and supporting those around you?

Sometimes you may need to surrender to the needs of the many. This transit can be demanding of your energy as sometimes you may need to surrender to the needs of the many.  Maintain the integrity of your persuasive powers and keep the promises you make. In this way, you can strengthen your willpower and your ‘heart’ for supporting yourself and others.


Love Yourself,
Ruth Brennan


What are Solar Transits?

In Human Design, Solar Transits reflect the impact the Sun is having on humanity as it moves through the Gates and Lines of the Mandala (64 Gates and 384 Lines). Transits are potentials that you may see in others and the world around you, and, may become a part of your experience as well.

Not everyone experiences these energies … and if we do, we experience them filtered through our own unique Human Design.

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