Generator Children

Generator children are naturally responsive and need to be encouraged to pay attention to their response.

Generator children make non-verbal sounds that indicate a positive, a negative, or sometimes a neutral response to everything that they encounter. Teach your generator child to act only in response to being asked or presented with something, and to act only when the response is clearly positive or negative. Help him or her be aware of these responsive sounds and their associated meanings. Some sounds mean “yes” and other sounds mean “no”. Do not force a generator child to say the words “yes” or “no” in place of his or her natural grunts and groans. They can be taught to be polite after learning to attend to their natural response, but not before. Parents of generator children must be willing to take “no” for an answer when they ask their generator child a yes/no question. It is healthy for a generator child to be able to say “no”.

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