Ready to go deeper into your Human Design?

It can be a transformation journey.

Are you new to Human Design?

I remember when I first found Human Design during an internet search. I was overwhelmed by the amount of information available. I spent hours and hours reading, listening and watching anything I could. However, it was difficult to really understand how it applied to me.

This is not the only way to start learning about your design, however it is one way.

Human Design is a synthesis of ancient wisdom and modern science

In 1987, all across the planet, we experienced a mystical event. The death of a star – Supernova 1987A.  In Ibiza Spain in January of 1987, Ra Uru Hu [link to Ra page] was given a vast range of knowledge which included  The Human Design System, a system of self-discovery designed for the 21st Century.

Ancient wisdom traditions like the I’Ching, Hindu Chakra system, Tree of Life (Kabbalah) and Eastern/Western Astrology are synthesized with the Science of Neutrinos, Genetics and Physics to create a genetic blueprint of the nature of your being… a Human Design BodyGraph.

Are you ready to get started? First:

Watch Four Free Webinars on the Basics

After you’ve gotten your chart and ready the free short report on your design. These free  one-hour webinars can help you get a better understanding of the basics. If this information resonates with you there is SO much more that your Human Design can reveal about YOU. Even so, there is nothing as rich and powerful as this basic information.

The Four Views of your Human Design

The Four Aura Types & Strategy. Type embodies the very essence of The Human Design System. It’s the basis for the most practical, empowering and transformative information – your Strategy and Authority. Type is about your body, your genetics and your aura. It’s how you harmonize with the world around you and align with your true nature. Strategy & Authority helps you operate most efficiently.

  1. Generators. The ‘Builders’ of the planet represent about 70 percent of the population. Their Strategy is to engage with life by waiting for things to come to them so that they can respond. When they initiate rather than wait to respond, they usually end up feeling frustrated. Generators are the life-force of the planet and are designed to know themselves by observing what they respond to. Through responding they experience satisfaction in their life and work. Their work is their gift to the world.
  • Manifestors. The ‘Initiators’ of the world comprise about 9 percent of the population. Their Strategy is to inform others of their decisions before they take action in order to eliminate resistance. When Manifestors can’t manifest in peace, they experience anger. Manifestors are designed to have a powerful impact and be initiating mechanisms for the other Types. Initiating is their gift to the world.
  • Projectors. The ‘Guides and Advisors’ are approximately 20 percent of the population. Their Strategy for engaging with life is to wait for their specific qualities to be recognized and invited into things. It is through an invitation that they experience recognition and success in their lives. If they initiate rather than wait, they experience resistance and rejection and can end up becoming bitter. The Projector’s gift to the world is to understand and be a guide for others.

  • Reflectors. Society’s ‘Discerners’ represent approximately 1 percent of the population. Their Strategy is to wait through a full cycle of the Moon before making major decisions. Reflectors delight in life’s surprises. When they initiate and don’t use their Strategy, they end up disappointed with life. Reflectors are designed to be the judges of humanity, to reflect back the injustices humanity inflicts on itself. Their ability to clearly discern the ‘this and that’ of the world is their gift.

For more information on your Aura Type, see your Personalized Human Design Short or Full Report.

Your Personal Authority – Your Decision Making Tool

Did you know you’ve always had what it takes to make the correct decisions for your life? You’ve always had a trustworthy, personal Authority that you can rely on to make the correct choices. When you start practicing your Strategy and Authority, you align with your unique geometry. And, brilliantly, your genetic makeup, your reason for incarnating and your uniqueness are all expressed through you as your true self. Things just naturally fall gracefully into place.

The Authorities

  • Emotional Authority
  • Sacral Authority
  • Splenic Authority
  • Ego Manifested Authority
  • Self-Projected Authority
  • Ego Projected Authority
  • Lunar Authority (None)

For information on your Personal Authority, see your Personalized Human Design Short or Full Report.

Your Definition

How does your life force interact with the world? Some designs have no definition (a Reflector), others have a single flow of definition, and there are those that have two, three or even four different areas of definition or splits in their design. Understanding how our energy flows within and how it connects with others helps us understand our unique way of being, processing information and being in relationship.


  • None (Reflectors)
  • Single
  • Split
  • Triple Split
  • Quadruple Split

For information on your Definition, see your Personalized Human Design Full Report.

Your Profile

What is the Costume you wear in life? Your Profile is an integral part of your differentiation as a unique individual. Taken from both your conscious and unconscious definition, it influences everything else you are. You may be an emotional Generator, for instance, sitting with three other emotional Generators, but if you have different Profiles you are very different people. Together with our Incarnation Cross, Profile allows us to live our purpose as our own authentic character on the stage of our life.


  • 1/3 – The Investigator Martyr
  • 1/4 – The Investigator Opportunist
  • 2/4 – The Hermit Opportunist
  • 2/5 – The Hermit Heretic
  • 3/5 – The Martyr Heretic
  • 3/6 – The Martyr Role Model
  • 4/1 – The Opportunist Investigator
  • 4/6 – The Opportunist Role Model
  • 5/1  – The Heretic Investigator
  • 5/2  – The Heretic Hermit
  • 6/2 – The Role Model Hermit
  • 6/3 – The Role Model Martyr
  • Free audio files are available on Aura Type Signatures, your Vehicle, The Planets, Lines, Nodes and much more.
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