Your Strategy is Wait to be Invited

Recognizing the uniqueness and potential in others, and guiding them by asking the right questions without a personal agenda, is your gift. Projectors represent a new archetype on the planet that emerged after 1781, and currently makes up approximately 21% of the world. Your aura is focused, probing and absorbing.

Your Strategy is to Wait for the Invitation. Recognition, accompanied by a formal invitation, is the way others honor and empower you. Your success is dependent on having energetically healthy people around you who acknowledge your skills. You’re more interested in other people than in yourself, and you potentially seek out systems that help you to understand individuals, groups and the ways people work together more efficiently.

You’re designed to be a gifted organizer, and a master at understanding how to maximize energy and resources. You see things that others often miss. Your ability to recognize the talents and gifts of others and bring people together can make you an exceptional advisor, administrator, networker and natural mediator. You have a natural gift for diplomacy and a specific part of your role and purpose is to guide others by knowing how to ask the right questions.

You have a focused and absorbing energetic presence (aura).  Because you’re designed to penetrate others so deeply,  you need to know, through your own personal Authority, who is correct for you, and recognizes you for who you truly are. Your powers of strategic recognition, through your Authority, provide you with your boundaries, which you maintain by being selective when accepting invitations. If you don’t wait for the invitation, and are eager for recognition of any kind, you’ll try to meet the expectations of others and be recognized instead for who you are ‘not.’

You might wonder, “Will I be noticed?  Will anyone recognize my value and pay me for my special skills?” You might be so concerned with being noticed, you’ll offer your thoughts without being asked. This can be mistaken as interference or unwelcome attention seeking.  Unsolicited advice, no matter how poignant and precise, can be met with rejection and leave you feeling bitter.

Nothing can lighten your mood like being recognized, or send you into a state of bitterness when you are not. By initiating and inviting yourself you’re giving your power to the other person, which places you at a huge disadvantage. Waiting quietly is the power of your readiness, and you can then watch your strong aura pull people and recognition to you. Once you’ve been recognized and invited correctly, your gifts and skills are empowered. Waiting for a respectful, formal invitation, accompanied by the appropriate rewards and energy resources, is how you can use your limited energy wisely and find success in your life.

You’re invited to have a more successful life.

 — Famous Projectors —

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