Your Authentic Life Path

We are each born into this world with an Incarnation Cross. Your cross illuminates your authentic life path and is found in your Human Design Chart.

But what is it—really—and how can knowing about it help you right now?

If your life was a play or movie, your TYPE would be the role you play; your PROFILE is the personality you bring to the role; and your INCARNATION CROSS is the story line that your character plays out in that role.

Your role in life is your Type: Manifestor, Generator, Manifesting Generator, Projector, or Reflector, which means you are here to initiate, work, guide, or reflect … depending on your Type.

Your PROFILE is the personality you bring to your role. For example, I am a 5/1 (Heretical Investigator), so part of my ROLE in life is build a strong foundation of knowledge and/or understanding, and then share what I’ve learned with others.

Your INCARNATION CROSS is the story line that the character in their role plays out. My Incarnation Cross is the Left Angle Cross of Cycles. I am designed to take others on cycles of transformation.

So your Incarnation Cross can be thought of as your broad purpose in life, made more specific by your particular Type and Profile, and further refined by the rest of the Channel and Gate energies you carry.

The more you follow your unique design, the better your costume (profile) fits, the more correct your role is and the more likely you’ll follow your unique story line to fulfill your purpose.

If you look at your chart, you should see your Incarnation Cross noted with a prefix of Left Angle, Right Angle or Juxtaposition.

  • Left Angle Crosses have transpersonal destinies, or your purpose will be fulfilled through your interaction with others. This could be seen as resolving Karma.
  • Right Angle Crosses have personal destinies, or your purpose will be fulfilled by you personally. This could be seen as creating Karma.
  • Juxtaposition Crosses have a fixed destiny and a unique geometry in life that is simply moving through with or without the other.

Once you learn your Type and Strategy they should be your primary focus. But understanding your Incarnation Cross is fascinating, and can be very inspiring!

A Human Design Foundation Reading is a pre-requisite for an Incarnation Cross Reading. It’s so very important to understand the foundation of who you are before exploring this fascinating world of Incarnation Crosses. If you have any questions, please contact me.