VENUS – Our Values and Love

Venus and Jupiter can’t be separated. Venus establishes values and long before a law can be written in stone, it has to grow out of cultural values. Venus is where your morality is. Venus is the heart of your prejudice, the core of your deception, your deviousness, your hypocrisy, your cruelty. This is the moral conditioning element. Once that morality is correct, then it can be embodied in law.

Venus in your chart focuses on the issue of the moral question. Where is the moral question? What is the issue? And Jupiter is waiting to establish this as a rule, as a law. If you do not live the moral truth of what you are, and if you do not honor the law, where you are punished is where Saturn is.

There are two sides of Venus. One is linked to themes of love, art and beauty. She is wily and for there is another, hidden side of her nature, a darker side. It is Venus as executioner. She was worshiped by the Mayans as the ‘eye’ and placated with ritual mass executions at her rising. Friday, Venus day, is still the day of punishment and execution in the Islamic world.

Where Moon holds on to the past, Venus rushes headlong towards the flames of the sun. It is actually Venus that carries the fire of rebellion. Mars is cool iron. Venus gives direction to Mars’ fury through the values she desires to impose or the values that she challenges. Values are more powerful than laws. Venus activations tells us the basic values program that will dominate in the life.

She is not here to maintain traditions. She is here to maintain female power. Earth is the mother. Moon is the eldest daughter. Venus is the youngest daughter. As the youngest, she is the worldly daughter who is not caught up in the responsibilities of the eldest daughter to maintain the traditions of the Mother. It is the youngest daughter who brings rebellion, and the mutation of set values out of experience.

When Venus is in an undefined center, the values it represents in that position are a tantalizing lure, attainable one moment and inaccessible the next. Activation in an undefined center is not to be trusted. It can lead to exhaustion and anger.