SATURN – Discipline & The Judge

Saturn is a bridge between our soul and our capacity to be present in a concrete way in our life. He is the builder, our anchor to the earth plane. Saturn’s position in our design tells us what we want to build in this life, and how we want to do it. Without Saturn’s influence we can only build castles in the air.

Saturn is the place in your chart where you must deal with the consequences of your actions. A very ancient yin force, it represents the judge, and the places in your life where you will pay for any incorrectness through not following your own laws and morals.

Saturn is a profound signpost that allows you, over time, to see the progress in your process. Saturn is expectant task-master without praise. If Saturn is leaving you alone, this is a signpost that you are living correctly; however, if you break your own rules, values and laws, Saturn will punish you.

From Ra Uru Hu – Founder and The Messenger of the Human Design System:

“The hold of Saturn on the collective life is changing. Although much of human consciousness still responds to the old cycle, its Saturn’s new role is not yet known. The movement of Saturn to Uranus can be seen as an expansion of human consciousness.

Three Saturn 28.6 cycles roughly meet the 84 year Uranus cycle. Saturn is now beginning to impact more on our inner cycles of development.

The first Saturn cycle marks a period of trial and error, but rather than defining our entire life, it is followed by a different process of observation and aloofness.

If the Saturn is in an undefined center, it is dormant and will emerge when conditioned by outside forces. Saturn in our chart always points to the place where difficulties in our life will surface. In an undefined chart, these people will always meet their own limitations through others and transits.

When people suffer according to the gate Saturn is in, it is a sure sign that they are not following their strategy or honoring their authority in life. Saturn, our shadow, always sounds the alarm first. This is modern Saturn’s most important role, to warn us when we stray from our essential mechanics.”