PLUTO: Truth & Transformation

Pluto brings the forces of the unconscious to the surface. It represents rebirth and brings intensity to the gate that it activates.

Pluto is the grandmother, is a yin force, and can be associated with the dark faces of Lilith or Kali. It is the archetype of the crone.

Pluto will always tell you the Truth. Wherever you see Pluto in your chart, this is really your Truth and it is a whole lifetime process to be able to explore that Truth.

The other side of Pluto is about darkness. Pluto requires that we each go down into our own dark side in order to find our own Truth. Wherever Pluto is in your design, that is a dark place within yourself that you must eventually meet.

Pluto is about the subjective truth of what you are as yourself. In other words, what is the truth for you. After all, the moment that you are living out your authority, no other truth matters. This is about individual human rights, not political rights. It is the individual human right to be your own authority. And to be your own authority because you are acting correctly as yourself.

Whenever a Pluto transit impacts you directly, it is always something that is very deep. After all, it is dealing with this thematic of what truth is for you. It is the teaching of Pluto in that specific place to bring you to that truth.

Where Pluto is in your chart is where the truth is for you in this life. It is the truth that you are here to discover. The transit in Pluto is different in the sense that it is not personal truth; it is the truth that is there that all of us look at in that time. Pluto is going to be in that gate approximately three years so for three years we’re pointed at the same subject of truth.

Pluto can stay in a gate for 7 years and will not complete full revolution around the wheel until sometime in the 22nd century. For people born before 1930, Pluto operates at an entirely unconscious level. Because it stays for so long in a gate, it has a very deep impact on the whole planet. Discovered in 1930, which coincided with the flowering of psychology.

You have two Pluto’s within you. You have a Personality and a Design Pluto. You have a Pluto that you identify with and you have a Pluto that is a mystery to you. That is part of the unconscious that you have no direct access to.