Can you learn to trust your higher-self to guide you through your life with perfect timing?

We're transiting Gate 46 from September 21 - September 26


Pushing Upward. Step by step and little by little we gather what’s required to rise upward mentally and spiritually in this life.

This solar transit’s energy brings a theme of identity and direction in life. It shines the light on learning to love the perfection of every experience while trusting that every experience is right and that no feelings should be avoided.

Can you learn to trust your higher self to guide you through your life with perfect timing?

I’ve experienced how difficult it can be to make sense out of life as it’s happening. It can be overwhelming.

However, life is designed to be a continuously growing wealth of experience and wisdom to share with others.

So, by releasing expectations about how your experiences should turn out, you make space for each experience to be a discovery.

And a discovery is never truly a failure. It can be an opportunity to gain experience … to learn and to grow.

“Every experience is a form of exploration.” ~Ansel Adams

Whether you label an experience as a success, or a failure, is largely dependent on the determination of your higher self to ‘push upwards’ to explore and discover what’s there. This abstract process of discovery can lead to fulfilling your highest potential, or it may bring chaos and dis-ease when you’ve decided what the cycle should bring.

Small steps slowly and surely accumulate into big growth. What starts out as an acorn eventually becomes a forest giant, but it doesn’t happen overnight. And a tree gains much strength by bending with the wind.

By remaining tolerant and flexible, you’ll be able to maintain a conscious innocence that fuels your never-ending growth. Determination is necessary to manage growth, but an inner enthusiasm for life is what drives it.

So, from a place of trust and deep knowing, can you bend around obstacles that arise?

When you build your foundation from the inside out, your successes can bring true fulfillment.

The plant is blind but it knows enough to keep pushing upwards towards the light, and it will continue to do this in the face of endless discouragements.”
~ George Orwell

Love Yourself,
Ruth Brennan


What are Solar Transits?

In Human Design, Solar Transits reflect the impact the Sun is having on humanity as it moves through the Gates and Lines of the Mandala (64 Gates and 384 Lines). Transits are potentials that you may see in others and the world around you, and, may become a part of your experience as well.

Not everyone experiences these energies … and if we do, we experience them filtered through our own unique Human Design.

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