There is no light without the dark.

We're transiting Gate 11 from Dec 15 - 19

Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without. ~ Buddha

And now the Sun moves into the energy of ideas, concepts and conceptualizing. Remember, not every idea that comes into your mind needs to be acted on. Ideas come and ideas go.

This transit brings you potential for taking a quiet moment for assessment to sort out what you remember about the ups and downs of your life.

It represents the energy of the left eye – your visual memory. And, it can take some time for you to ‘see’ the whole picture.

After all, even in stillness things continue to transform, grow and open.

You may remember what you really liked about what you saw, while ‘forgetting’ what you didn’t like. This is a way that your ideas can become ideals, then beliefs, and finally belief systems over time.

The Kabbalists call it contrast. So, to know Peace you must experience discord. Hot is only relevant to cold, and similarly, up is meaningless without the idea of down. The full range of ‘this and that’ allows you to know Peace. Peace is a state of mind you carry by remembering the cyclical nature of life.

Like the seasons there is an ebb and flow to all things. This is a way you can experience and appreciate the richness of life.

The energy of this time invites reflection and is grounded into form by waiting for the correct time to share your thoughts and ideas.

Rather than rushing, worrying or focusing on tomorrow … consider enjoying and learning from what today brings. Take time to see the big picture.

And, when your mood or emotional state is clear and steady, the articulation of your ideas can have the greatest impact.

Silence is sometimes the best answer. ~ Dalai Lama

Love Yourself,
Ruth Brennan


What are Solar Transits?

In Human Design, Solar Transits reflect the impact the Sun is having on humanity as it moves through the Gates and Lines of the Mandala (64 Gates and 384 Lines). Transits are potentials that you may see in others and the world around you, and, may become a part of your experience as well.

Not everyone experiences these energies … and if we do, we experience them filtered through our own unique Human Design.

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