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The first step is to get your Human Design Chart or Career Design Chart. I will prepare one free-of-charge and email it to you. You’ll need your birth data (day/month/year/time/location). The more accurate your information, the more correct the details will be.

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The illustration above is my Human Design Mandala. It contains the blueprint of my genetic nature.

Ruth Brennan
Profile: 5/1
Aura Type: Generator
Inner Authority: Sacral
Incarnation Cross: Left Angle Cross of Cycles

A bit about my Human Design …
I am here to take others on cycles of transformation and in doing so, transform myself. I love to investigate things, and learn things deeply to get a strong foundation before I share them with others. I typically make a great first impression and that allows me to share what I know when invited by others. I’m very open to conditioning, or being effected by others energy, moods, thoughts and direction. I have an open mind with no fixed way of processing information and can become wise about the many ways of thinking and processing things. I have an intuition that I can trust and a comfortable speed at which I do things. I’m designed to work alone or in a partnership with the correct person. My design isn’t ideal for spending 40 hours a week in a small group (3-5) or in a larger organization. My unique skills and talents are utilized best when I go in and out of small and large groups … much like a consultant might do. I’m comfortable being alone and can feel whole and complete in my own company. However, my destiny or purpose in life will be fulfilled by my interactions with others. My energetic themes are that of supporting and being supported and sharing my outer authority (wisdom) with humanity.